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Meixin Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the material and parts quality inspection, identification, certification and failure analysis services, with CNAS and CMA recognized qualification, is a professional third party lab.


Meixin Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012, several laboratories were established in Shenzhen and Suzhou respectively, Service products include: electronic materials, electronic components, CCL/PCB/PCBA,  metal materials, plastic materials, automotive electronics and components,  all kinds of new materials (including electronic materials, optoelectronic materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy materials, micro-nano materials, building materials, etc.).


Meixin Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. is an independent, impartial and honest third party testing organization, your preferred partner!


Meixin Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. was listed on the New Third Board on December 18th, 2015. Stock code:835052.

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